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But there is much that is fantastic and offensive in the pictures of the exploits of the boy Jesus. When certain passages are freed from evident Christian interpolations, its Messianism in general is earthly, but in the latter part of the book the Messias s realm tends unmistakably towards a more spiritual conception. Baruch announces the doom of the city and temple of Jerusalem of the Babylonian epoch. By a misunderstanding, the authorship of the whole, under the title Historia Certaminis Apostolorum , was ascribed to an Abdias, said to have been the first Bishop of Babylon and a disciple of the Apostles. Ephrem of Syria refers to apocryphal Thomas Acts as in circulation among the Bardesanites (see ST. , and could scarcely have found such favour among Christians if composed later than the first century after Christ. Critics assign the latter to the end of the fourth or the beginning of the fifth century. These Acts as we have them are of high antiquity, though it is impossible to always discern whether patristic writers are quoting from them or an earlier tradition jewish son dating catholic. John the Theologian of the Falling Asleep of the Holy Mother of God. The rest is by Christian hands or perhaps a single writer, who united his apocalypse with the Martyrdom. The book in fact is made up for the most part of materials taken from the inspired books of Paralipomenon, Esdras, and Nehemias, put together, however, in great chronological confusion. In general their details are scientifically worthless, unless confirmed by independent authorities, which rarely happens jewish son dating catholic. The apocryphon exists in Greek, Ethiopic, and Slavonic manuscripts. It is evident that neither of Herod s sons, Philip and Antipas, had yet reigned thirty-four years, since the writer, hazarding a prediction that provedfalse, says that the sons should enjoy shorter reigns than their father. 55) of composition is involved in obscurity. Apocryphal gospels The term apocryphal in connection with special Gospels must be understood as bearing no more unfavourable an import than uncanonical.

Scholars are much inclined to attribute the original to a Syrian origin and an author who was an adherent of Bardesanes. The manuscripts which represent the legend fall into two groups: consisting of all but one of the Greek texts, containing an account of the journey of St. Lipsius opines that the work as we have it is a Catholic retouching of a Gnostic compilation. Pseudo-Matthew is in large part parallel to the Protoevangelium Jacobi , being based on the latter or its sources. Harnack asserts that the Hebrew Gospel was entirely independent, the tradition it contained being parallel to that of Matthew. And yet there need be no hesitation in relegating the Fourth Book of Esdras to the ranks of the apocrypha. The dominant critical dating assigns it to a Jew writing in the reign of Domitian, A. The Apostles bear the body to Gethsemani and deposit it in a tomb, whence it is taken up alive to Heaven. Their Gnostic traits pierce through the Catholic re-touching; in fact, the contents show a conscious purpose to exalt the dualisticdoctrine of abstention from conjugal intercourse. However, not the Chaldeans, but angels, will bring about the destruction. The former had no other motive than that of a piousfraud, being sometimes moved by a real though misguided zeal, as witness the author of the Pseudo-Matthew: Amor Christi est cui satisfecimus. This apocryphon abounds in absurdities and psychological impossibilities, and is a very weak piece of fiction written in Greek by an Alexandrian Jew, and probably designed to encourage its countrymen in the midst of persecutions. In bold contrast to the Infancy narrative of St. But as to your prayer that I come to you, it is necessary that I fulfil here all that for which I have been sent, and that after I have fulfilled it, that I be taken up to Him who has sent Me. Both Catholics and Gnostics were concerned in writing these fictions. It is based on various passages in the Old Testament, and there is no evidence that it was ever written in Hebrew.

The Book of the Secrets of Henoch contains passages which satisfy allusions of Origen to which there is nothing corresponding in the Ethiopic Henoch. In editions of the Vulgate antedating the Council of Trent it was placed after the books of Paralipomenon. This is the opinion of the majority of the rencontre non payant.
. It was evidently very ancient, and several of the above mentioned writers associate it with St. Paul does not quote from public writings but from a sacred book which is called Jannes and Mambres. The author was a Pharisee, but one who, while adopting a distinctly Jewish view, was probably acquainted with the Christian Scriptures and freely laid them under contribution. (d) Fourth Book of Esdras The personage serving as the screen of the real author of this book is Esdras (Ezra), the priest-scribe and leader among the Israelites who returned from Babylonia, to Jerusalem. The Protoevangelium exists in ancient Greek and Syriac recensions. Hence most of the Gnostic Acts have come down to us with more or less of a Catholic purification, which, however, was in many cases so superficial as to leave unmistakable traces of their heterodox origin. It speaks in the person of Baruch, the secretary of Jeremias. Apocryphal psalms and prayers (a) Psalms of Solomon This is a collection of eighteen psalms composed in Hebrew, and, as is commonly agreed, by a Pharisee of Palestine, about the time of Pompey s capture of Jerusalem, 63 B. In this the Catholic Acts have been preserved; it is by no means uniform in its various manuscript representatives. The birth, education, and marriage of the Blessed Virgin are described in the first eleven chapters and these are the source of various traditions current among the faithful. There exists a late and entirely orthodox Syriac Gospel of the Twelve Apostles , published by J. All agree that it was employed by hereticalsects — for the most part Gnostics. .

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